Earth Jurisprudence Update July 2021

Earth-centred News and Inspiration This newsletter is published by the team at the Gaia Foundation Greetings Earth Jurisprudence Advocates and Allies, Thomas Berry understood that as humans of the twenty-first century our ‘Great Work’ is to transition from human-centred to Earth-centred consciousness and culture – safeguarded over millennia by diverse…

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Gaarú: The growing African Movement for Earth Jurisprudence.

Gaarú: The growing African Movement for Earth Jurisprudence.


Gaarú is a film about the inspirational people reweaving the connections between culture and Nature across Africa.

The film follows African grassroots leaders who are working to protect and restore Africa’s lands, waters, forests, and the ecological knowledge of her peoples.

Hailing from across the continent, these leaders are undergoing a transformational, UN-recognised training process, facilitated by The Gaia Foundation.

They are reconnecting with their roots and working with African communities to practically protect and revive ecosystems; restore customary laws that conserve Nature; connect elders and youth; revive resilient, locally-adapted indigenous seed varieties, and more.

Gaarú explores the training process, introduces Africa’s new, grassroots green leaders and explores the meaning of Earth Jurisprudence in Africa.

Film produced by Ben Gray for The Gaia Foundation.

Edited by Marco Jackson.

Narrated by Sarah Hillman.

Find out what Earth Jurisprudence is, what we need to learn from Nature and Indigenous Peoples and why we need to start telling tell  another story about our place on Earth – a story that is both new and ancient.

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