Two publications on Sacred Natural Sites that EarthLore (Mupo Foundation) has contributed to:

call_to_african_commissionRecognition of Sacred Natural Sites and Custodian Governance Systems – Report to the African Commission

EarthLore contributed to a Report for the African Commission, published 12 November, 2015, providing persuasive and substantive arguments relating to sacred natural sites (SNS), a core element of African traditions and their customary governance systems. It calls for a decisive policy and legislative response. Drawing on the African Charter’s commitment to respecting and maintain plural legal systems, the report recommends that African countries should recognise a priori legal systems as part of their commitment to a proud African identity, to better navigate a development path where the integrity and heritage of the continent is maintained. 


Application to South African Heritage Resources Agency to recognize a Network of Sacred Natural Sites, Zwifho, as National Heritage Sites in South Africa

During 2012 Mupo (now Earthlore) completed this groundbreaking piece of work towards registration of three Sacred Natural Sites, known as Zwifho in Venda, as part of a network of sites. This report includes the Venda Indigenous Laws of Origin for Governing Sacred Natural Sites, maps, profiles, Clan Constitutions, a glossary of local terms and other supporting documents submitted to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA).


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