Discovering Belonging through Earth Jurisprudence and Ritual with Method Gundidza

In this episode of We As Nature, Method Gundidza, Director of EarthLore Foundation-Southern Africa, shares his unique story of discovering a profound sense of belonging to the world. Method, a Zimbabwean national living in South Africa, discovered his calling in his early 40s when he was introduced to the philosophy and practice of Earth Jurisprudence by the Gaia Foundation. Method shares his journey from working at a company that sold coal, to becoming a successful accountant, to dedicating his life to working with rural farming communities restoring their Earth-centred ways of life.

In Method’s We As Nature story, he shares:

• The unlikely unfolding of his career path that led him to dedicate his life to Earth Jurisprudence.
• A definition of Earth Jurisprudence and how time spent listening to nature cultivated an embodied understanding.
• His return to his homeland in the Bikita district of Zimbabwe, and how a reciprocal relationship developed with local elders, tapping into Indigenous knowledge and leading to the revival of traditional seeds, rituals and sacred sites.
• The humbling teachings he has received from plants, rituals and his children.

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