Millet Threshing Ceremony, Bikita, Zimbabwe

Millet Threshing Ceremony, Bikita, Zimbabwe – 23 August 2019 Since 2015, Bikita farmers in Zimbabwe have been working with EarthLore to revive their robust traditional seeds that cope better with climate change. A significant development has been to revive millet, over hybrid maize, as the staple food in the area,…

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Bikita Seed and Food Fair 2019

Over 1000 people attended the two-day Bikita Traditional Seed & Food Fair on 21 & 22 August 2019. This was the third year the Bikita farmers hosted the event at Chamas Garden in the village of Gangare with the support of EarthLore and the Zimbabwe Small-scale Organic Farmers’ Forum (ZimSOFF).…

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What is Earth Jurisprudence?

“We are born into and embedded in the ways and cycles of life and their laws.”

Gaia’s Director, Liz Hosken, explains what Earth Jurisprudence is, as part of a week of communications marking the 10th Anniversary of cultural historian and philosopher Thomas Berry, who coined the term.

Method in his Madness

“This well-known phrase – there is method in his madness – is a line in Shakespeare’s famous play “Hamlet”. It refers to the fact that if one takes time to look more deeply into a seemingly crazy decision or inexplicable actions, one often discovers there is good reason and a…

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