What is Earth Jurisprudence?

“We are born into and embedded in the ways and cycles of life and their laws.”

Gaia’s Director, Liz Hosken, explains what Earth Jurisprudence is, as part of a week of communications marking the 10th Anniversary of cultural historian and philosopher Thomas Berry, who coined the term.

Method in his Madness

“This well-known phrase – there is method in his madness – is a line in Shakespeare’s famous play “Hamlet”. It refers to the fact that if one takes time to look more deeply into a seemingly crazy decision or inexplicable actions, one often discovers there is good reason and a…

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African perspectives on Earth Jurisprudence, at the UN General Assembly dialogue on Harmony with Nature

News Flash from the Earth Jurisprudence Network We are delighted to share that news that Method Gundidza, from Zimbabwe, will be speaking at the 8th Interactive Dialogue of the UN General Assembly on Harmony with Nature, this Monday 23rd April. Method joins a group of panelists actively engaged in promoting an Earth-centred and non-anthropocentric…

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Reflections from the foothills of Mt Kenya

The root causes of the crises facing Africa today, like land grabbing and ecosystem degradation, date back to colonialism and the human-centred thinking that sees us as superior and having rights that override those of other beings. This course reveals Earth-centred laws and ways in which our traditional cultures recognise…

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‘I’ve been taught by Mother Earth’ – Lihle Mbokazi: Wilderness Guide and Earth Jurisprudence Practitioner

Lihle Mbokazi is a wilderness guide, conservationist and a passionate advocate for Mother Earth. She has been listening to nature all her life and has recently been further inspired by Earth Jurisprudence. Raised in the picturesque and challenging foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains, KwaZulu-Natal, Lihle first found her love of…

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