Respecting the rights of nature is the only way out of climate chaos and biodiversity collapse

Earth Jurisprudence is a foundational systemic alternative for transformation towards healing our relationship with Mother Earth – an essential foundation from which to respond to the climate, ecological and social justice crises. By Method Gundidza With the EarthLore Foundation team, I have the privilege of working with communities in the South…

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Tree Talk

The Gaia Foundation’s latest Earth Jurisprudence update includes a link to Belden Lane’s beautiful story of the Great Conversations he has had with trees over the past 30 years and how this has deepened his connection with Nature and sparked an interest in inter-species communication, particularly trees. This resonates strongly…

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Gaarú: The growing African Movement for Earth Jurisprudence.

Gaarú: The growing African Movement for Earth Jurisprudence.


Gaarú is a film about the inspirational people reweaving the connections between culture and Nature across Africa.

The film follows African grassroots leaders who are working to protect and restore Africa’s lands, waters, forests, and the ecological knowledge of her peoples.

Hailing from across the continent, these leaders are undergoing a transformational, UN-recognised training process, facilitated by The Gaia Foundation.

They are reconnecting with their roots and working with African communities to practically protect and revive ecosystems; restore customary laws that conserve Nature; connect elders and youth; revive resilient, locally-adapted indigenous seed varieties, and more.

Gaarú explores the training process, introduces Africa’s new, grassroots green leaders and explores the meaning of Earth Jurisprudence in Africa.

Film produced by Ben Gray for The Gaia Foundation.

Edited by Marco Jackson.

Narrated by Sarah Hillman.

Find out what Earth Jurisprudence is, what we need to learn from Nature and Indigenous Peoples and why we need to start telling tell  another story about our place on Earth – a story that is both new and ancient.

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What is Earth Jurisprudence?

“We are born into and embedded in the ways and cycles of life and their laws.”

Gaia’s Director, Liz Hosken, explains what Earth Jurisprudence is, as part of a week of communications marking the 10th Anniversary of cultural historian and philosopher Thomas Berry, who coined the term.

Method in his Madness

“This well-known phrase – there is method in his madness – is a line in Shakespeare’s famous play “Hamlet”. It refers to the fact that if one takes time to look more deeply into a seemingly crazy decision or inexplicable actions, one often discovers there is good reason and a…

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African perspectives on Earth Jurisprudence, at the UN General Assembly dialogue on Harmony with Nature

News Flash from the Earth Jurisprudence Network We are delighted to share that news that Method Gundidza, from Zimbabwe, will be speaking at the 8th Interactive Dialogue of the UN General Assembly on Harmony with Nature, this Monday 23rd April. Method joins a group of panelists actively engaged in promoting an Earth-centred and non-anthropocentric…

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