The Planting of a Video-making Seed

Mashudu Takalani and Khumotso Kock from EarthLore participated in a 6-week on-line video training workshop, meeting once a week from 1 October to 5 November 2020. It was run by the Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI). Here is their account of making their first video:

Working on our very first video was an exciting and challenging experience. Our video is based on EarthLore’s Seed and Food Fairs, colourful celebrations held every year in October in Mpumalanga, Elukwatini, and in August in Bikita, Zimbabwe, where farmers share traditional seeds, knowledge and local foods. The video tells a story about the importance of traditional seeds and how indigenous people benefit from eating traditional foods.

The reason we focused on seeds is because we wanted to send out a message to the world, especially to indigenous people, communities and the youth to appreciate and value the importance of their traditional seeds and food. 

We both had no previous video editing experience, so we experimented and tried different kinds of editing applications. We eventually decided to use the “In shot” app because it is easy and friendly to use.  

We took different pictures with multiple shots from different angles. We then wrote the script, recorded the audio, and edited the video on the same day. 

When our first video was approved by Pamela, SKI’s trainer, we could not believe it because we thought we still had a lot of work to do on our video. We are very happy that we managed to pull everything together and submit our video before the deadline, and that it was accepted. We are excited about making our second video and plan to improve with every video we make. One day one of our videos might appear on television or even make it to the big screen…..


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