mhunga (pearl millet)

This article appeared in Issue 324 of Resurgence and Ecologist, January/February 2021.

By Method Gundidza

You have probably never heard of Bikita, a district in south-eastern Zimbabwe, but for me this is home – where my ancestors lived, where my roots are – and we have an important story to tell.

Like many others across Africa and the world, Bikitans have been feeling the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, on top of the violence of climate change. These crises have given us pause for thought, encouraging us to reflect on our recent history – what we have lost and gained, why we are experiencing drought and flood like we are. By coming together to think, we have been able to take collective action.

It is this story I wish to tell. The story of how the communities of Bikita are realising what resilience and food sovereignty mean to us, remembering how our ancestors lived and reaching back into the past to bring what was good into our future.

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