A Reflection on SEED

A reflection at the Biowatch National SEED Event held in Pongola on 21-23 June 2016

By Method Gundidza 

Thanks to you all NGO groups and farmers represented here, and I do not forget those whom we represent back home where we come from who could not be here with us. I would like to thank you for your great work, the great work of our time, to protect SEEDS and by implication the protection of life in its multiplicity. This is inspiring to me.

SEED is a living organism that thinks, has knowledge and has incredible intelligence in itself. It knows under what conditions to grow so that it grows to the size that itself knows and be able to pass on life through its fruits and new SEEDS at the time it knows and in the exact measure and specifications that only itself knows. It strives to pass on life to the next generation, in the same way that we human beings and other animals give birth to and nurture our own offspring.

SEED is living, it has both a body and a spirit and it derives life from the same source that we as humans derive our life…from the Great Spirit which in our various languages we call Mwari, God, Allah, Umvelinqangi etc. It follows the very same life cycle as all other living things…to be born, grow, die and give up life for the next generation to take over.

By looking after and protecting, but please not “capturing SEED”, we as human beings participate in the ever renewing processes of life. It worries me when we see ourselves as “Captors of SEED” and “plant breeders” dominating them and killing them in the name of “Plant improvement” and through other ruthless processes like “Genetic modification or engineering” to produce SEEDs that lose their capacity to regenerate and pass on life in the same way that it has been passed on to it by some many generations before it.

Our great ancestors who went before us and the living elders, who themselves are fast becoming an endangered species, knew and understood that SEED is life and they treated them with respect and referred to them as sacred so they were not only to be used as food (sacrificed for human life) but needed to be protected and used as the medium of communication between them and the Great Spirit.

How does…and it cannot be that somebody sitting in the 20th floor of a towering office block in the Britain or America tell us that suddenly these SEEDS belong to them and that no one can have them without their permission. Dear parents, brothers, sisters and colleagues gathered here..the work we do to revive and protect and share SEEDS is a partial fulfillment of what the Great Spirit asked us to do in the time and space that we have and we must do it with serious vigor and resolve and defy all forces that promote death rather than life.

SEED is life, GMOs are the death’s messenger and we shall defy it “kuze kube”

Thank you

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